Show Notes

Author Stuart Sobel has spent the last 30 years researching and refining his hypothesis about who killed "Bugsy" Siegel 

Bugsy Siegel was killed on June 20 in Beverly Hills, and author Stuart Sobel suggests that the Beverly Hills Police Department close the case. His request is due to the information he is privy to that is just one step removed. It is also the basis of his manuscript for ‘Queen Bee’ and the Killing of “Bugsy” Siegel.

All previously published books were based on data with at least two degrees of separation. As a child, Stuart grew up knowing the Sedway family (Siegel’s best friend and mob partner Moe Sedway) due to his grammar school friendship with Moe's son Robbie Sedway.

Having spent nearly 30 years researching and refining his hypothesis, Sobel is passionate and articulate about his subject.

­­­­­Who is Stuart’s one degree of separation source?

We will ask him!