Show Notes

Today I am excited to welcome Brad Szollose (pronounced ZOL-us) to the show. Brad is not just any guest; he's a friend, colleague, fellow podcaster, and a multi-faceted serial entrepreneur with a wealth of experience as a C-level executive and an acclaimed business author. His entrepreneurial journey includes turning one of his startups, K2 Design, into a NASDAQ-listed public company through a successful IPO, which thrust him into the limelight as a celebrated dot-com executive. Brad's insights and expertise have been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Advertising Age, and he has appeared on international TV shows, podcasts, and other media outlets. Beyond his remarkable business career, Brad is the award-winning author of "Liquid Leadership" and the creative mind behind the Awakened NationĀ® podcast, where he interviews today's most innovative outliers and entrepreneurs.

In this conversation, we dive into our shared journey in podcasting, reflecting on the key insights and transformative experiences we've encountered. We'll spotlight some of the remarkable guests who've left a lasting impact on us with their wisdom. Also, we'll debunk a common podcasting myth, as well as shedding light on why this period is pivotal for the podcasting community. Tune in for a thought-provoking discussion that reveals the depth and diversity of the podcasting world from our collective perspective.

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