Show Notes

Creating Culture, Connection & Change for Teams

How important is company culture in a productive workplace and what steps can you take to promote a healthy company culture? Our world has experienced and undergone times of transformational change that requires all of us to step outside of our past routines, look within and identify deep and meaningful ways to evolve and grow within the new corporate normal that stands before us.

Melissa Lopez stepped in as CEO of Positive Adventures in February 2020, less than a month before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down much of the world and created an incredible challenge for Positive Adventures (as a team-building and group-based experiential education company) to survive. With her background expertise in both the digital space as well as her executive leadership skills, Melissa was able to successfully pivot the company’s team building programs into the virtual space, and within less than two months, Positive Adventures was successfully offering virtual team building and training programs on a global basis to corporations and schools that were struggling with the challenges of remote-based teams and groups successfully connecting and effectively communicating with one another, as well as maintaining cultural integrity within the organizations.

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