Show Notes

Business re-engineering specialist Mark Fowler is President of Stowe Management Corporation and Co-CEO of Revolutionary Conversations. He is a business growth and business re-engineering expert, author & writer, business educator, public speaker, & change leader. Mr. Fowler specializes in transitioning businesses from challenge to achievement by focusing both on enhancing revenues and profits, while instituting cultural and interactive processes that substantially increase collaboration and engagement – helping businesses to achieve a new level of success. 

A leader in the “business engagement” field for decades, he has developed systems and communication protocols, stressing the importance of team empowerment and personal development and today Mark will share:
The importance of pulling together in all areas of our lives How engagement fits into our lives Creative Conversations and how everyone can participate The importance of our connections with others in helping to make a better worldRevolutionary Conversations and how it can be a language for success 
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