Show Notes

Lucas Root is an accomplished Speaker, Entrepreneur, & Business Success Mentor with over 19 years of success across banking, technology, investments, health and wellness, athletics, and interactive media. Lucas specializes in speaking to entrepreneurs and business owners on getting their strategy on track for success and growth.

Career Highlights:
Major divestiture completed 2 months ahead of schedule; saved >$2BProject process re-engineering effort resulting in 34% efficiency gains, $13M in accumulated savings in the first 6 monthsMassive Customer Data AML project (~600k customers); completed 25% ahead of schedule and 33% under budget for almost $800M in savingsBuilding a new business unit, from the ground up, for a toys and games company; projected total cost: $205M; projected annual revenue: $250M (ROI 125% per year)
Lucas has additionally served a number of startups, established middle-market businesses, and small business clients. In his latest engagement, he was able to improve the business's revenue by 600% in his first year working with them, and more to come. 

In this episode of Your Partner In Success Radio, Lucas will share tips and advice on:
Building the Business FoundationDesigning and Building your Core TeamProtecting the Core of You and Your BusinessControlling sourcing, operations, and funding will significantly increase profits and propel your startup successGiving direction on what specifically to outsource immediately to gain traction and timeHelping entrepreneurs thrive, not just survive, by focusing their daily efforts on revenue-generating tasks