Decoding the Consumer Dilemma: Navigating the Marketing Landscape Pt 1

Welcome to Your Partner In Success Radio, where we shine a spotlight on the incredible minds shaping the landscape of innovation. In today's episode, I’m thrilled to introduce two visionaries who epitomize the belief that good ideas are humanity's most powerful resource. Join us as we explore the inspiring journeys of John Lenker, Founder & Chief Vision Officer at LENKER, renowned for his creative prowess in brand strategy and communications artistry. John crafts experiences that not only attract and inform but also invoke a profound connection with the audience.

Alongside him is Kevin deLaplante, Partner & Chief Knowledge Officer at LENKER. A former academic philosopher and department chair, Kevin brings a unique blend of analytical rigor and insatiable curiosity to LENKER's strategy engagements. Leading the way in brand strategy and messaging initiatives, Kevin oversees marketing research and analysis projects that align with our shared commitment to meaningful innovation.

Prepare for an enlightening exploration as we delve into the narratives and insights of these exceptional marketing professionals, investigating how motivations and values shape their pioneering work.