Show Notes

Power Barometer -  How to manage personal energy for business success with Josefine Campbell

In the corporate world, the minds of employees are a company's greatest asset, yet often overlooked is the finite nature of personal energy. In today's fast-paced environment, adaptability and resilience are essential. However, stress, anxiety, and disengagement plague modern workplaces, taking a toll on mental well-being.

Join us as leadership coach and jiu jitsu champion, Josefine Campbell, explores strategies to boost awareness and navigate the fluctuating states of mind—be it agile, mellow, narrow, or fragile. Drawing from her extensive experience coaching executives at multinational giants like McDonald's and Deloitte, and her martial arts training, Josefine introduces the Awareness Matrix, a roadmap to success.

Packed with real-world case studies and actionable tools, her book POWER BAROMETER: How to Manage Personal Energy for Business Success offers insights on enhancing personal energy, fostering mental agility, and boosting productivity in both individual and team settings. That book is on my desk and is part of my entrepreneurial library.

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