Show Notes

Jeraud Norman Visibility Is the New Credibility...Turning Strangers Into Customers Using Video on Social Media 

In May of 2012, Jeraud and his son were hit by an 18 wheeler truck. That accident caused him to lose his job, put his house in foreclosure, and accumulated mounds of debt. At that point in his life, he had been a single dad for the past year and a half, adopted his son's older brother, and also filed for full custody of his son and won. 

While out of work, he desperately looked for ways that would provide for his family. Throughout this journey, he was introduced to the world of marketing on a few occasions and realized that he needed to take it seriously.... that and sales. After going headfirst into sales he realized it was difficult to give things away for free. It was not until attending a conference in Las Vegas that he met a woman that was selling the exact same product that he was but was using online marketing to do all the selling for her. She was making over $20k a month and kindly shared her marketing wisdom which led Jeraud to start his own successful marketing company.

Jeraud joins us to share:

1. Using Video to build like, know & trust

2. Overcoming the fear of pressing record

3. Talking specifically to your target audience

4. What to say on video

5. Delivering Retargeting Video ads based on prior engagement 

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