Show Notes

Love a good “who done it?” Who doesn’t? And more so when it also involves gangsters, molls, and old Hollywood.

That’s why author Stuart Sobel has spent the past 30 years interviewing, researching, analyzing, and fact-checking ‘Queen Bee’ and the Killing of “Bugsy” Siegel, which at 74 years is the oldest cold murder case in America.

Now Sobel has the opinion of noted former mob attorney and three-time Mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, who stated, “As far as I am personally concerned, 'QUEEN BEE and THE KILLING OF "BUGSY" SIEGEL' has provided us with the motive, the killer and a thorough analysis as to why the shooter of "Bugsy" Siegel was never caught during the shooter's lifetime; nor discovered any time thereafter. There is no logical reason why a case of this magnitude and continued worldwide public interest should remain in limbo.  However, as the law stands today, I do not see a procedure that would allow the legal system to close, as it should, and at 74 years, the oldest cold case in America." 

Sobel added, “By definition, one cannot solve an unsolvable case. You can only be gently led by the hand and taken to the truth.” Sobel was taken to the truth by the co-conspirator to the killing, Bee Sedway.

This is part 2 of a fascinating look at history from a man who knew the families as a child. Listen to Part 1 - Who Killed Bugsy Siegel here.