Show Notes

The entrepreneurial journey is filled with challenges that demand unwavering dedication from those starting a new venture.

Feras Alhlou is a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader with a track record of building and selling companies. He co-founded and chairs e-CENS, offering digital transformation services, leveraging over 20 years of startup experience. 

Feras is a highly accomplished entrepreneur known for building multi-million-dollar businesses. In North America, he founded e-Nor, which became a premier Google Analytics certified partner, eventually acquired by dentsu in 2019. In his latest endeavor, Start Up With Feras, he provides expert guidance to founders and executives on growth strategies, sales scaling, and fostering strong organizational cultures. Feras, a co-author of "Google Analytics Breakthrough," holds a Masters in Engineering Management. Feras mentors founders on business strategy, marketing, and more. He's active in nonprofit work, notably with the American Red Cross, and is passionate about bridging income gaps and mentoring youth. A practitioner of Aikido, he values resolving conflicts harmoniously. Feras shares startup insights through educational resources and videos, embodying a commitment to helping founders succeed and supporting charitable endeavors.

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