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Your Partner In Success Radio Show

Are you ready to learn about affiliate marketing?

This week I chat with one of my absolute favorite online entrepreneurs, Rosalind Gardner. Her book “The Super Affiliate Handbook; How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People’s Stuff Online” is one the staples in my entrepreneurial library.

Using a step-by-step plan to help you build you online business, this book answers all the questions you may have about affiliate marketing and many more that you didn’t know you needed answers to. Not only is this book one that I consider an important addition to any small business owners library, the Super Affiliate Handbook is stocked in libraries and used in University and College ecommerce courses. For more information click here.

Do you want to know….

  • How you can use your web site, blog, or email list to “presell” visitors into affiliate purchases?
  • The strategies that lead to high conversion rates?
  • Why it’s critical to pick affiliate products you believe in personally?
  • How to write product reviews that convert into sales?
  • How to use affiliate offers to solve your customers problems and make money doing it?
  • What Rosalind’s #1 success tip for anyone considering information marketing or for those already involved in information or affiliate marketing?
  • What Rosalind feels is the biggest challenge or pitfall that she feels holds individuals back from success in Information Marketing?
  • Marketing your own products on ClickBank

Why would affiliate marketing be something that you should add to your business building activities?

The profit potential of the Net is growing at an amazing rate. And the list of people who can benefit from becoming involved in cyber commerce is getting longer every minute. For example, over one million retirees have returned to work in recent years after sustaining huge losses in their retirement savings portfolios.

Rather than working at the local laundromat, many have chosen to make MORE money and work at HOME as affiliate marketers.

Your Partner In Success, Denise Griffitts interviews Rosalind Gardner on BlogTalkRadioAn affiliate marketing business is perfect for anyone in the scenarios listed below.

Are you…

  • An at-home parent with young children?
  • An at home caregiver?
  • Physically challenged?
  • Unemployed?
  • A victim of downsizing and at an age when finding new employment will be difficult?
  • A Retiree looking for a stimulating activity and/or need extra cash?
  • A Student who needs cash and flexible hours?
  • A Graduate who lacks job experience?
  • An Individual who needs extra cash, but can’t take a second away-from-home job?
  • Someone with a real-time business who needs extra cash?
  • Someone with skills or hobbies that can be turned into an online service or business?
  • Individuals who are ‘stuck’ in their current jobs or businesses?
  • Someone who needs a challenge?
  • A person who wants an intellectual challenge?
  • Someone with expensive habits?
  • Someone who could use some extra cash
  • Someone with a job who wants to earn extra for retirement?
  • A person who wants to make a risk-free career change?
  • Someone with a large expense to save for: e.g. college for the kids?
  • Those who need more flexible working hours?
  • Someone who is ready to fire their boss?
  • A person who feels ‘stuck’ in the 9 to 5 rut?
  • Someone who wants to stop commuting to work?
  • Someone who wants to work at home?
  • A person who feels discriminated against in traditional jobs?
  • Someone who lives in a remote area where employment opportunities are limited?
  • Someone who WANTS to live in a remote area and still have an income?

Learn from a master of affiliate marketing and dial in on Friday, July 16th to listen to Rosalind Gardner live. She will even stick around for Q&A if you need. If you have any questions you would like to ask Rosalind, or to speak with us live please join us in the chat room or on the phone.

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Your Partner In Success Radio Show

When: Friday, July 16, 2010

Time: 11 am Central (Check time zone here)

Where: Your home office telephone or computer.

Website: Your Partner In Success Radio Show

Call-in Number: 347-843-4988

We look forward to “seeing” you!

Denise Griffitts


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