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Your Partner In Success Radio Show

Rebecca Quinn is an online business manager, virtual assistant and business advisor who works with small business owners, solo-entrepreneurs, service professionals. We will be speaking about organization, specifically systems and processes. Once you set up systems for everything in your business you free yourself up to be creative and build the part of the business that you are in love with and passionate about.

Basic Systems: Why set up systems in your business? Where to start and what systems you really must have in place.

Emergency Preparedness: Why is this so important? Most business don’t survive disasters and information losses. Rebecca will give you tips on how to create a quick and easy mini-disaster plan for your business.

Systems for Getting Business, Marketing & Social Networking. Everyone needs more business; everyone has unprecedented access to get their information out in the world due to internet and social networks. We will discuss how to use systems to simplify your social networking.

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Your Partner In Success Radio Show

When: Friday, February 26, 2010

Time:  11 am Central (Check time zone here)

Where: Your home office telephone or computer.

Website: Your Partner In Success Radio Show

Call-in Number: 347-843-4988

Please be sure to login to the chat room to ask questions during the interview.

We look forward to “seeing” you!


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