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Your Partner In Success Radio Show

This week I welcome to the show creator of “Overcomers, Inc, True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration” Lynne Klippel.

As Lynne Klippel sat in the sun on her front porch in March 2009, she wished she had a book to send to her brother to read during his chemotherapy treatments – something to remind him that he was not alone and to encourage him to fight for his life. It was a heart-wrenching time when three members of her immediate family all had cancer at the same time, along with a dear friend.

Furthermore, she says, “It seemed like everywhere I looked, I saw tragedy. Other friends were losing jobs and fearful about the prospects of finding new work. The evening news was full of financial scandals, plant closings, kidnappings, and war. I wanted a book that could also give them hope, inspiration, and encouragement on every page!”

So already being the author of three other books and the founder of a company that helps authors and entrepreneurs write and publish the book that they have always wanted to create, she undertook the project on her own.

The result was the remarkable Overcomers, Inc, True Stories of Hope, Courage and Inspiration, produced in just six months to meet the compelling need for people in these trying times. Kippel gathered the first person accounts of 38 people who faced tremendous personal tribulations, and then turned them into triumphs–thanks to their persistence, strength and faith. Klippel’s own story of forgiveness of her former husband during the crucible of their son’s exploratory surgery for cancer is one of the moving stories of transformation that is a powerful testament to Overcoming.

Overcomers, Inc. comes on the heels of her other three books:

Secrets to Surviving HIS Job Loss – A workbook to help women to cope with their spouse’s job loss.

Web Wonder Women – 26 Business Women tell their stories on pitfalls and successes in starting and growing their businesses.

Who Am I to Write a Book? – For everyone who wants to write a book but feels like they are not good enough or that no one would read it except their mother. Breaks down the 13 myths of writing and gives concrete suggestions on how to get started writing your own book.

Overcomers by Lynne KlippelA life-long bookworm with a passion for training others, Klippel is the co-founder of Love Your Life Publishing, Inc., which has helped nearly 500 aspiring entrepreneurial authors through the process of planning, writing and publishing their books. She focuses exclusively on non-fiction, business-building books that are designed to help coaches, speakers, small business owners, and spiritual practitioners write books that get them more clients, media attention, and additional income. Klippel stays extremely busy coaching, teaching, and finding ways to help authors get their books out of their heads and into the hands of eager readers.

She is also the host of two radio shows, Book Bites Talk Radio and Web Sorority Talk Radio which bring inspirational interviews to writers and women business owners.

Prior to becoming an author, Klippel worked in healthcare administration and corporate training, and as a certified career coach. She holds a bachelors degree in education and masters degree in occupational therapy. It was her background in healthcare that helped her realize the importance of having a positive mind-set while facing challenges.

“The most important thing I learned in creating the Overcomer’s Inc. book was that people are incredibly strong and resilient. There is always hope. Reading these empowering stories made me a stronger and braver person. If you need a positive, uplifting book to help you face your challenges, Overcomer’s Inc., is an ideal book for you,” Klippel shares.

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