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Denise Griffitts interviews George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster

Your Partner In Success Radio Show

This week I welcome to the show George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster of  Bigg We are going to talk about “Entrepreneuring in Times of Uncertainty” and George and Mary-Lynn will share what it means to live life on your own terms and why tough times are RIPE with opportunity for entrepreneurs.

How George & Mary-Lynn Live Life on Their Own Terms

George Krueger: I realized early in my career that I wanted to work for myself. My Mom wasn’t thrilled; she wanted me to get a job for a large organization so I had security. I chose a different path. Over the last 27 years, I’ve owned, managed and invested in a number of businesses, franchises, and real estate.

About fourteen years ago, I was offered the opportunity to teach Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of Illinois. I discovered that I had a passion for teaching and learning. By the way, when my Mom would introduce me to people, this is what she focused on!

Bigg Success combines all my passions, including working with a certain young lady named Mary-Lynn. We’re partners personally and professionally. It wouldn’t work for everyone, but it works for us! That’s life on my own terms!

Mary-Lynn Foster: I’m so lucky that my parents listened to WGN-AM radio out of Chicago when I was growing up. That’s how I decided my profession, and credit that to Bob Collins, “Uncle Bobby”. He was such an amazing broadcaster…smart, funny, creative, caring, and everybody loved him. He inspired me to get into radio.

I spent 18 years as a radio broadcaster, moving from city to city while climbing to the prime time shift of hosting morning radio. In addition to being recognized by the Illinois Broadcasters Association for my radio shows over the years, I also won several awards for my audio production.

I came to a crossroads in my career and life not too long ago. I wanted to host a show that really helped people, but my creative desires didn’t fit the format of the station I worked at. Also, my industry as a whole was and is still going through tough times, and moving somewhere could be risky. In addition to that, I was engaged to George! He makes me so happy and I didn’t want to be away from him. He is truly my best friend, and I want us to have many wonderful experiences together.

Bigg Success lets me have the type of show I’ve always dreamed of, and it lets me work with George, my co-host on the show and in life! I get to combine my broadcasting and production talents, while learning new skills as an entrepreneur. I’m living life on my own terms and loving it!

Be sure to log-in into the chat room to ask questions during the interview. Time permitting, we will open up the lines for live chat.

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Your Partner In Success Radio Show

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  1. 12-15-2010

    Hello, Just loved your story, am also from Chicago, so I rememeber Bob Collins, and even more so Wally Phillips! Are you still doing radio shows? Is this a good way to get into the ‘broadcasting’ business? Is “Your Partner In Success” a free service? What’s the difference between “Bigg Success” and “Your Partner In Success”?
    Thank you in advance, happy holidays & I do look forward to your reply.
    Mary Krueger
    Littleton COLORADO USA
    SKYPE: marykrueger80120

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