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Cherry Norris, The Hollywood Dating Director is interviewed by Denise GriffittsYour Partner In Success Radio Show

Programming note: Cherry Norris was unable to make the interview and we are rescheduling her interview for May 28.

This week our show will take a slightly different direction as I interview Cherry Norris.

Cherry Norris, The Hollywood Dating Director, is a renowned relationship coach, seminar leader and popular speaker.  She teaches you how to define your role, set the stage and speak your part for the romantic relationship you desire.

Cherry is the ultimate expert on dating and relationships. Since she lives in Los Angeles (the entertainment capital of the world), she found that analogies to the movie industry provided the means for her to succeed in her unique role as “The Hollywood Dating Director.”

“Like an actor preparing for a role on stage, I direct my clients to choose his or her role, determine the genre of their relationship, and establish their unique character,” says Norris. “Clients set the stage, rehearse dialogue and ‘improv’ difficult situations so when they go on dates, they feel confident, comfortable and sit back to ‘enjoy the show’ – for that’s what dating truly is.”

Cherry has over fifteen years of experience. She has produced numerous workshops, seminars, an eight-week home study course, and even a feature length independent motion picture (“Duty Dating”). She’s coached a multitude of celebrities, actors and VIPs.

Cherry is a guest speaker for singles organizations and has been featured in the LA Times, Woman’s World Magazine, TV Guide Channel and more.

We will cover a variety of topics:

  • How did Cherry become the Hollywood Dating Director?
  • What makes her different from other dating coaches?
  • How did she define her niche and carve out her business both locally and online?
  • What are the three most important dating directions?
  • What does she mean by “define your role”?
  • And just about anything else that crosses our minds!

If you have a specific question you would like me to ask Cherry Norris please email it to me at info@ prior to the show. You can also join us on the line or in the chat room!

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