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Your Partner In Success Radio Show

Rosalind GardnerFabled internet marketer Rosalind Gardner is somebody that I have followed around on the internet for many years. If anybody on the web can teach you how to enjoy financial freedom with an online business (or several!) it is Rosalind. Her story is a fascinating one in that she built her online businesses when there was no text, audio or video or audio-visual tutorials to show new webmasters how to do anything.

But… and this is a BIG but — she saw the opportunity to make money online and was absolutely determined to quit her air traffic controller job (because of the lousy shift schedules), so she got to work and learned all she could.

Her first month after starting her dating site, Sage-Hearts (now renamed she received a check for $10.99 which was all she needed to convince her that affiliate marketing did work and that she could master it.

By the end of her first year in business she was clearing $5,000 a month and quit her day job in 2000 by which time she was making over $10,000.

By 2003 Rosalind decided to share what she had learned about the potential for building and sustaining an online business and wrote one of the staples of my entrepreneurial library, The Super Affiliate Handbook: How I Made $436,797 in One Year Selling Other People’s Stuff Online.

The book, which is constantly updated with current information, has become the industry’s primary training manual for teaching new affiliate marketers how to do business right and is on the desks of most affiliate network managers.

This is what Allan Gardyne, one of the most famous affiliate marketers had to say about the Super Affiliate Handbook:

Rosalind is living proof that even with absolutely NO previous business experience anyone who truly desires success and is committed and persistent can succeed.

Although best known for her work as an affiliate marketer, Rosalind also has experience in online drop shipping, online auctions, ebook publishing, product and software creation, merchant and manager coaching and blogger training.

We will be chatting about too many things to list here so please visit us in the chatroom and be sure to send me an email before the interview if you have a specific question or topic that you would like us to cover.

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Your Partner In Success Radio Show

When: Friday, April 9, 2010

Time: 11 am Central (Check time zone here)

Where: Your home office telephone or computer.

Website: Your Partner In Success Radio Show

Call-in Number: 347-843-4988

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