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Your Partner In Success Radio Show

Paul and Layne Cutright

Relationships can be compared to a garden in that they require attention and care in order to flourish. A garden requires sunshine, water, good soil, fertilizer, and a caring and knowledgeable gardener to tend it. If all, or most of these things are not provided then the garden will suffer. So it is with personal and business relationships.

For those of us who have developed virtual, online relationships with clients, colleagues, business associates and friends, there are certain critical distinctions and skills that can allow those relationships to flourish and prosper. By not recognizing and utilizing these skills you may well find your relationships in the weeds. (Pun intended!)

Please join me this Friday on BlogTalkRadio as I welcome “Successful Relationship Coaches” Paul and Layne Cutright to the show. In this interview Paul and Layne will be sharing relationship wisdom garnered from their 30+ years as international relationship experts, best selling authors, trainers and coaches to help you create satisfying extraordinarily and successful relationships.

When: Friday August 28, 2009

Where: Blog Talk Radio – Denise Griffitts, “Your Partner in Success”

Time: 11 am Central (Check time zone here)

Call In Telephone Number: 347-843-4988

Time permitting; we will open up the call for questions and answers. Please be sure to login to the chat room to ask questions during the call.

We look forward to “seeing” you!


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