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Your Partner In Success Radio Welcomes Kimb Tiboni

The term “Creative” is something that is appearing more and more on the internet as a marketing term. According to Kimb Tiboni, author of “Illogical Success: A Creative’s Innovative Path” the term is interchangeable with designer or graphic artist. And if you are an affiliate marketer you have undoubtedly come across the term “Creative’s” for marketing which can come in the form of image and text banners.

As a graphic designer, when Kimb first began hearing herself referred to and referenced as a “creative” she found the terminology odd, but as time passed, she found that being labeled as a “creative” suited her just fine.

As Kimb says in her new book, a creative person is born that way, and signs show up very early, whether you are a sculptor, painter, animator, florist, interior designer, or like me, a web developer.

In her book, Kimb gives techniques, tips, tricks and ideas about creative entrepreneurship that can be applied to anyone with a strong passion and a dream to become an entrepreneur and share your product, art, and literature or business visions with the world.

During this interview, Kimb will be sharing the path that she has taken to get where she is today and what compelled her to write her new book.

You can find Kimb’s Graphic Design Studio here.

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