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Your Partner In Success Radio Welcomes Gerrianne Clare

Gerrianne Clare is masterful at helping you achieve TRUE work/life balance.

Does this sound too good to be true?

With over 30 years as a nurse, stress management expert, parent and business owner Gerrianne is brilliant at helping you tune into your body, mind and emotions to help you respond to life’s challenges in a way that you can feel good about. Our body’s house our day to day experiences and give us powerful clues on what is working in our lives and what is not. However, many of us have come to ignore these signals or mistrust what they are telling us.

Gerrianne’s brilliance is in helping you recognize the wealth of information you have within your body, mind, heart and emotions. By tuning into this information, learning how to interpret what is serving you and what is not you can take clear, simple action steps to help you achieve the life you want. Gerrianne’s tools and strategies are designed to use NOW, in this moment, to help you feel balanced, on track and focused in your life.

Gerrianne holds a Masters in Nursing is a certified PSYCH-K facilitator (advanced) and licensed HeartMath® Coach. Psych-K ® is a powerful technique that supports you in shifting the limiting beliefs that often get in the way of creating lasting change in your life. Beliefs impact our relationships, our moods, our job performance, our health, our self esteem and all aspects of our lives. Gerrianne uses the simple techniques of PSYCH-K to help you shift negative, limiting beliefs into those that serve you and help you achieve your goals.

HeartMath ® is a system of tools and techniques that allows you to maintain emotional clarity in the midst of chaos. This system helps you find balance between your head and your heart and tune into your intuitive wisdom to guide you in your decisions. This innovative system is used throughout the world to support corporate executives achieve peak mental and intuitive performance.

Gerrianne has been happily married for 34 years, is the mother of three grown children and a grandmother. She is actively involved in the Kamloops business community through her involvement with the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, Kamloops West Rotary Club and is the current president of the Kamloops First Chapter of Business Networking International (BNI).

Throughout her life, Gerrianne has her own journey into stress, family strife and out of balance living. These life lessons led her on a quest for tools and techniques to support her and others on the road to greater peace and harmony in their lives. Her unique blend of education and experience is behind the tools and techniques designed by Gerrianne Clare for the Family Guidance System.

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