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Your Partner In Success Radio Welcomes Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne Fredrickson is founder of, a company devoted to teaching entrepreneurs around the world how to consistently attract ideal, high-paying clients, put their marketing on autopilot and authentically create a highly successful and meaningful business, while working less.

Fabienne created The Client Attraction System®, the proven step-by-step program that shows entrepreneurs exactly how to attract more clients, in record time. Through her workshops, courses, coaching programs, and products, Fabienne shows her students how to create an abundant life they love.

As one of the most influential and highly-acclaimed marketing and success mindset speakers and business mentors in the world, Fabienne’s down-to-earth yet powerful presentations have become legendary.  She is a sought-after and much-loved coach to thousands of heart-centered entrepreneurs around the globe.

Fabienne’s unique ability is getting entrepreneurs who have never experienced real success in their business to take immediate marketing action on a systematic basis to produce dramatic results, in record time. She’s dedicated her life to helping entrepreneurs and business owners create a legacy of service, adding value to the world in a lasting way and creating breakthrough paradigm shifts in their mindset and their personal income; and then giving back. Her books, newsletters, products, appearances and online reach now inspire nearly 150,000 people each month.

Fabienne’s key message — that each of us is here to serve the world in a BIG way and that as a result, we are handsomely rewarded for it — has changed thousands of lives around the globe. She fervently believes in the capacity for each and every one of us to become the full expression of our purpose here on earth, and to do so, we must take a no-excuses approach to growing within. For that to happen, Fabienne teaches her students and clients that any struggle on the outside is a reflection of the struggle on the inside, and once eliminated, that internal struggle gives way to all the abundance, financial and otherwise, that a person deserves and seeks.

Highlights from Fabienne’s inspiring career include:

  • Crossing the million dollar mark in her business at the age of 38, in an industry where most entrepreneurs barely make $20,000 a year (and doing so with 3 young children at home)
  • Subsequently doubling her business nearly every year to the multi-million dollar level, always making more in the last twelve months, than she’s made in the last 12 years combined (both in prosperous times and in a “recession”)
  • Consistently and repeatedly helping 5-figure entrepreneurs cross the 6-figure mark, and guiding 6-figure business owners to easily move to a 7-figure business, while adding more meaning, purpose and fulfillment to their daily lives
  • Creating the world’s most verifiable, repeatable Client Attraction System® for entrepreneurs throughout the world
  • Conceiving and leading the ‘Marketing and Mindset Breakthroughs’ Seminar, the first personal and professional development seminar for entrepreneurs combining both the pragmatic and practical, with mindset and powerful spiritual principles for success (think Success seminar meets Marketing bootcamp!)

The consistent feedback from hundreds of thousands of Fabienne’s students around the world over the years is that it is her authenticity, transparency, vulnerability, “humanness”, sincerity and compassion and love for entrepreneurs that separates her from other mentors and is the catalyst to their expansive growth, both personally and otherwise.

To order Fabienne’s FREE Audio CD, “How to Attract All the Clients You Need” by mail and receive her weekly marketing & success mindset articles on attracting more high-paying clients and dramatically increasing your income, click here.

We will discuss “Mastering the Inner Game of Client Attraction”

  • Defining “mindset”
  • How important is your mindset when it comes to being successful in business?
  • What is more important? Marketing OR mindset?
  • What roles do our thoughts beliefs, feats and self-image play in our success?
  • Identifying self-sabotaging behaviors that defeat or slow down entrepreneurial growth
  • Eliminating excuses and taking serious action

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