Jim Palmer

Your easy going approach to simply having a conversation with your guests to learn more about them is where the magic happens as a listener. ~ JIM PALMER, Dream Business Coach

Larry Winget

Larry Winget - Your Partner In Success Radio with Host Denise Griffitts

Denise – I do a dozen podcasts a month. I would say yours isn’t an interrogation like many are. And yours is more organic. If it comes up naturally then we talk about it. ~ LARRY WINGET, The Pitbull of Personal Development®

Bob Burg

Bob Burg - Your Partner In Success Radio with host Denise Griffitts

Hi Denise, you are a wonderful host, you are always well-prepared, you make the guest feel comfortable  and your podcast is very much focused on bringing value to the listener. ~ BOB BURG, Author of international best selling book ‘The Go-Giver

Kelle Eli

You are a self-identified high-functioning introvert which gives you insight and space to really feature the guests, in contrast to extrovert hosts who like to hear themselves talk more! You’re very warm and grounded, so given it is a business related, your presence makes it feel more like the audience is privy to a confidential conversation. I would say those features really make your podcast special.  ~ KELLE ELI

Brad Szollose

Brad Szollose interview on Your Partner In Success Radio

Denise always ensures that her guests are positioned to deliver an elevating conversation that creates a positive impact. Her podcast is all about her guests! If there was ever a perfect host, one who does their research and asks deep questions, it is Denise Griffitts. Highly interactive, the relationship she forges between guest and host is hardly small talk…it creates mesmerizing conversations. Prove it to yourself; listen in. ~ BRAD SZOLLOSE, Millennial Leadership Development, Management Consultant and Keynote Speaker

Adam Hommey

Adam Hommey - Your Partner In Success Radio with host Denise Griffitts

More than many/most podcasts out there, yours serves as a hub of industry information as it brings on the widest scope of guests, markets, and industries. Unlike most podcasts, which seem to have new episodes go live whenever, yours is always at the same time and you interact with your audience. ~ ADAM HOMMEY, The Business Creators’ Institute

Marie Sutro

Marie Sutro - Your Partner In Success Radio with host Denise Griffitts

I was impressed with the efficiency of the automated registration process and loved chatting with you! Class A from start to finish. ~ MARIE SUTRO author, ‘Dark Associations’

Ben Gay III

Ben Gay III - Your Partner In Success Radio with host Denise Griffitts

Denise is a pleasure to work with. A real pro! My multiple interviews with her were a complete joy . . . and informative for her listeners, too! ~ BEN GAY III , Salesman/Speaker/Sales Trainer/Coach/Consultant, Author of ‘The Closers’

Felicia Slattery

Denise is a true professional, through and through. After having been a guest on hundreds of podcasts and webinars over the years, I found Denise to be one of the easiest to work with in advance. The whole process was easy and fun. During the interview itself, Denise made me feel comfortable while we simply talked and had a great conversation. She knew the information and value from me she wanted her listeners to have and did a great job of asking exactly the right questions so the interview flowed. ~ FELICIA SLATTERY, Award-winning professional speaker & Amazon best-selling author