Welcome to Your Partner In Success Radio

I am delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you to Your Partner In Success Radio Show!

We broadcast each Friday at 11 am Central and the show lasts for 60 minutes. It is very much a conversation rather than a formal or stilted interview format and my goal is to get you to share as much wisdom, advice, tips and actionable steps that will help people unleash or grow the entrepreneur within as possible.

How It Works

The week before the show I or a member of my staff ask for the following:

  1. The phone number that you will be calling in from. If at all possible, I prefer that you call in from a landline. Cell phones and Skype have a delay that can cause us to talk across one another and Skype too often sounds like you are calling in from the bottom of a water barrel. If calling in from a landline is not do-able, just let me know and I will adjust how I speak accordingly.
  2. Your headshot or the image you want to use.
  3. A short bio.
  4. The topic(s) and about 10 talking point or questions that I can build an interview from.
  5. Your website address or addresses. I like to do as much “getting to know you” research as possible before the interview.
  6. A URL to the website you would like to send people to, and if you are offering a freebie to the audience, a link to that page.
  7. Titles and links to any books or white papers that you may be referencing during the interview.
  8. A link to your affiliate program if you have one.

I never make my show about somebody’s product launch, but you are very welcome to mention anything that you may have going on at the time that ties in with the interview topic.

Once we have everything needed to create the interview outline we embark on a publicity tour so to speak, and make sure that the show information is posted on my personal and business blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Eventbrite and many other online outlets. We heavily promote the interviews and if you have Google alerts on your name you will see a sudden rush of activity the week of the show.

  • We will send you an email reminder with the list of items needed the week before the show. Once we have the show promotions completed we will send you the show outline along with the call-in information.
  • After the show, we will send you an mp3 so that you may share it with your list.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with me before the interview to have a quick “get to know each other” chat (always advisable!), please feel free to call me at 888-719-6711 or email my assistant at info @ virtualassistantindustry.com.

I do ask that on the day of the show you call in at least 5 minutes early so we can make sure that everything is working properly and get comfortable with each other.

Thank you for being a guest on Your Partner In Success Radio and I look forward to “meeting” you!

Denise Griffitts


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