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Your Partner In Success Radio Show

Judy Peebles, "The Journaling Jenius"Judy Peebles, The Journaling Jenius is an International Speaker, Business Skills Trainer and Coach. After 25 years of corporate experience, she leapt off the corporate ladder and founded her own company. Utilizing journaling, hypnosis and other cutting-edge techniques, she partners with clients to achieve immediate results in their businesses, careers, relationships, and their health and fitness.

Judy has taken a life-long passion and turned it into a highly successful consultant business. Judy advocates the use of a business journal to help you monitor your business activities, record your payouts, deposits, cash receipts, and withdrawals. Not only that, she says that regularly using your business journal as a “success journal” allows you to imagine and envision your business growing and succeeding. Once you hit your milestones, it can be very important to go back into your journals and see just how far you have actually come with your business model.

Lots of coaches, counselors and therapists advise their clients to keep a journal. Judy actually teaches you how to make journal writing productive and beneficial both on a personal and a business level. She works with driven, tenacious individuals, committed to their own success who just need that extra edge and guidance to assist them to reach the next level. As well as helping executives climb the corporate ladder, she readily translates her extensive knowledge of corporate business processes and procedures into easily actionable tasks for the small business owner. Judy is a dynamic and playful presenter who regularly helps business leaders by speaking at their team events.

Judy will cover these and other topics:

1. Identify where you want to go

2. Think on paper

3. Create – Brainstorm or Mindmap

4. Planning

5. Stress Relief

6. Conflict Management

When: Friday June 19, 2009

Where: Your home, office, computer or telephone

Website: Your Partner in Success BlogTalkRadio 

Time: 11 am Central (Check time zone here)

Call In Telephone Number: 347-843-4988

Time permitting; we will open up the call for questions and answers. Please be sure to login to the chat room to ask questions during the call.

We look forward to “seeing” you!


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