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Interview With the Queen of Affiliate Marketing

Author, speaker, internet consultant and blogger.

Rosalind Gardner returns to Your Partner In Success Radio to chat with me about being a successful, and HAPPY entrepreneur.

Contrary to popular belief, creating a sustainable business on the internet is not particularly complicated or even all that difficult. It does however, require passion, perseverance and a plan.

Rosalind begin her internet odyssey in 1997 and was so passionate about and interested in building the life that she desired by building an internet business that she was able to leave her job as an air traffic controller in 2000. Keep in mind that though this was just over a decade and a half ago, that *gasp* WordPress did not exist, nor did social media. The internet was pretty basic and raw at the time but she was still able to connect with thousands of people from around the planet through her gardening and seed exchange web site. There was no such thing as downloadable e-books or guides and you couldn’t watch training videos because YouTube did not yet exist.

Her e-business success has since been profiled in many venues and she is the author of  The Super Affiliate Handbook which is one of the most popular books on affiliate marketing. The book walks beginners through how affiliate marketing works and gives them a step by step plan to get into the business and become a successful super affiliate.

Rosalind also personally guarantees that her Affiliate Blogger Pro is simply the best affiliate blogging course that you can buy on the internet.

Rosalind also runs a site called Net Profits Today where she regularly shares free resources and teaches her personal strategies. She also uses it as a platform to offer her consulting services for those interested in getting personal advice directly from her.

On top of her consulting and her online courses, Rosalind is a regular in the Internet marketing seminar circuit. She attends many affiliate marketing seminars, is a frequent guest speaker in many teleseminars, and is a respected teacher in the industry.

But most importantly of all, she lives the life that she crafted for herself. She is a consummate traveler, a passionate foodie and a pet mommy.

We will be talking about having fun.

Being an entrepreneur is your choice, so make it work. It can be done. You can survive, emerge and succeed in this downsized economy, if you follow the right path.

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