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Denise Griffitts Interviews THE Sean Moffett

The WOW Factor

Sean Moffett of  The Moffett Company says “business IS personal” and I absolutely agree with him.

After the financial crash we witnessed in 2008 the landscape we do business in has changed. Back then we used language like customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations. Today, we see our clients now know their dollars are far more precious than ever before. That’s the new economy.

As a result, our clients are no longer looking to be satisfied – they need to be electrified! We need to do more than just exceed their expectations, our clients are looking for authentic care – a true reciprocal relationship. They will invest in us as we invest in the them.

While it’s true that excellence in your field is critical, it is also true that the process by which your clients receive your goods and services is becoming equally important. So in effect, our ability to deliver our expertise is directly linked to our ability to control the experience for our clients. Drop the ball somewhere in the process and chances are, your competitor will pick it up. You need to create an environment where your customer comes first!

Sales excellence and sales success are Sean Moffett’s passion. Developing those traits in others is his mission. Through years of dominating the marketplace in his fields Sean has identified the three things individuals and organizations do to force themselves into sales mediocrity.

Sean is renowned as a master communicator, blogger, writer, and electrifying speaker. In 2012 Sean has made it his mission to use social media to take his message worldwide with tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, as well as hundreds of thousands of view on his YouTube Channel. His message of sales excellence connects and inspires and will take you and your team to the greatest levels of success.

Want to know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong in sales? Tune in! If you have any questions for Sean during the broadcast, please join us in the chat room or post them on this blog.

And by the way, Sean is offering a free online training session on August 1, 2012. I am already registered!

Sean Moffett FREE LIVE on-line training session August 1, 2012

Join Sean Moffett LIVE for a FREE on-line training event August 1, 2012 at NOON EST where Sean will discuss ADDING a ZERO to your income TODAY. Don’t miss the training event of the summer.

International speaker, trainer, and mentor Sean Moffett unpacks his world class 3E training and gives the insights to incredible sales and business success in the CURRENT market. Sean will discuss the most important element to success in today’s economy and how to employ his sales process for immediate results. Anyone in sales or in business, from the new hire to ownership needs to see this event.


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