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Denise Griffitts Interviews Lon Safko

Lon Safko sees the world in a new way every day.

Lon Safko is an author of remarkable breadth, writing nine innovative best selling books, which have shown corporations how to master social media marketing, how to Fuse traditional, digital, and social marketing, how to train managers to think creatively, detailed the secrets of launching a successful on-line business.

His bestselling book by John Wiley & Sons ’The Social Media Bible‘, hit #1 on Amazon in both their Marketing & Business categories, unlocks the mysteries of the hottest new Internet wave, Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube for business. This book is transforming corporate, government, and non-profit marketing strategies and how they use these new media to reach their desired audiences with powerful messages and efficiency and is now in its second edition, which hit #1 on Amazon in both Business & Marketing categories. Lon is also a professional blogger for Fast Company, appointed the first Ambassador for SCORE, and the USA Today CEO Advisory Board.

Lon’s newest bestseller, ‘The Fusion Marketing Bible, published by McGraw Hill will truly change the way we do marketing and sales. Along with Lon’s other invention,The Safko Wheel Marketing Toolkit, this concept will lever-age your existing marketing to make it significantly more effective, while adding to your company’s bottom line! Lon’s Fusion Marketing concept is so unique its even Patent Pending!

Lon is a professional speaker, wowing audiences in a hundred cities nationwide every year with his insights into innovation, creativity, and how to be a successful entrepreneur / intrapreneur in this global digital age.

Said one executive of First American Title Insurance, “This is the best presentation I’ve been to in 25 years”. Teledyne said Lon’s presentations are “Informative and entertaining, packed with useful information”. And the U.S. Postal Service called Lon “Inspiring and Motivational”.

Lon privately coaches companies on harnessing Innovative Thinking and social media strategies to create higher productivity and profits. Lon’s presentations are personalized to help corporate, government, and non-profit executives improve their operations and performance by capturing their innovative potential.  As Lon says, “When you see your world with a different perspective, you see new ways to do everything!”


Lon Safko – Noted CEO, Author of “Extreme Digital Marketing”, “The Social Media Bible”, “Fusion Marketing” and Marketing Consultant to Fortune 500 Companies

Lon Safko books


We will be talking about Infusion Marketing.

  • What it is.
  • How he came up with the concept.
  • How business can benefit from Fusion Marketing.
  • The ”patent pending” marketing tool that Lon invented called the Safko Wheel.
  • What “TraDigital Marketing” is and much more…

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