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Denise Griffitts Interviews Dixie Gillaspie

Dixie Gillaspie has been a business consultant and analyst, a firestarter and mentor, a coach, alchemist and general trouble-shooter for more years than she cares to admit. (but if you ask, she’ll probably tell you.)

Her success stories have been featured in books such as Go-Givers Sell More, by Bob Burg and John David Mann, The Referral Engine, by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, and more than one of the books by “The Nametag Guy,” Scott Ginsberg. She will release her first full-length book, JUST BLOW IT UP!, through Sound Wisdom this November.

Dixie says she is blessed to have come to a wonderful convergence where “What I am and what I do is the same thing – I am a coach.”

Dixie considers herself more of a “story teller” than a speaker, but she’s shared the stage with the likes of Zig Zigler, Bob Burg, John David Mann, Scott Ginsberg, Mark Sanborn, and Southwest Airlines Emerita, Coleen Barrett.

She’s allergic to the word “CAN’T” and her Blast Thru Coaching™ method is a process for challenging and even eliminating the word from your vocabulary.

We will talk about: 

The Blast Thru Coaching™ method for living an unlimited life.

Every time you accept “can’t” as an option you add another “brick in the wall.” Add enough bricks and you limit your life.

Dixie doesn’t believe that can’t is an option, she doesn’t even believe it’s a word! It’s a contraction, she reminds us, for CAN NOT. And she teaches that you can choose CAN NOT or you can choose CAN TOO!

She’s going to share with us the process she uses with her clients to zero in on the bricks and “just blow up” those walls. The next time you say “What I really want to do is… but I CAN’T because…” you’ll know what steps to take!

You can find Dixie on the web at her websites Dixie Dynamite Coaching and Go Giver Coach.

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Had a fantastic conversation with Denise Griffitts today – no wonder so many people are willing to be interviewed by her, it was such a delight! We were having such a wonderful time we even ran a little long, luckily the recording caught every second!

Dixie “Dynamite” Gillaspie – Your Blast Thru Coach


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