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Denise Griffitts Interviews Danny Bader

Back From Heaven’s Front Porch

5 Principles to Create and Happy and fulfilling Life

Danny Bader is an international trainer with a mission to help people to create a vision for their lives.  As a keynote speaker, he shares his story of dying – and reclaiming the will to fully live. And Danny Bader knows from personal experience that life can change in the space of a breath.

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In Back from Heaven’s Front Porch, he shares an abbreviated and fictionalized retelling of a real-life experience that forever changed him. In the story, Jake (Danny’s character) and his friend and co-worker were putting away some equipment at the end of the workday when a massive jolt of electricity ripped through them. In the next few moments, Danny experienced what he describes as a visit to Heaven’s front porch. Upon coming to, he learned his friend passed away. To deal with both the pain of the electrical burns he suffered and the survivor’s guilt he felt, Danny turned to alcohol. Lost in despair, thoughts of suicide plagued him and he withdrew from those who cared most for him.

A chance encounter with a straightforward and thoughtful stranger offered hope at just the right time, and Jake rediscovered a tenuous will to live. Still, questions repeated in his mind: Why did he live? What should he do with his life? The rest of the story explains how he answered these questions by finding meaning and purpose using a philosophy he calls jackrabbit.

The touching tale makes for an engaging read, but it’s the jackrabbit philosophy that makes the book valuable. In today’s popular, parable style of storytelling, Bader introduces a series of characters who each share an element of the philosophy. First, he learns that your vision creates your reality—and that the converse is true as well. As your reality grows and changes, so does your vision. He also learns the value of stillness, and how the practice of quiet time or meditation can increase both creativity and gratitude. From another teacher he hears about the importance of authenticity and knowing yourself. Later he meets up with an unlikely character who challenges him to develop a support system. Another wise guide admonishes him to be intentional about evolving as he grows.

The easy style of Back from Heaven’s Front Porch makes each point in this system easy to remember. Highly relateable and entertaining, this personal-development book is well written and applicable to anyone who wants to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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We will be talking about:

  • How vision shapes your reality
  • Why times of quiet and solitude are essential
  • How authenticity – or lack of it- affects your life
  • why you must continually learn and evolve
  • How to find and ask for the support you need

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