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A Year of Success

Larry Winget has partnered with national bestselling author Bob Burg (The Go Giver), Chief Fascination Officer of Fascinate, Inc., Sally Hogshead and leadership development speaker & consultant Mark Sanborn to create A Year of Success.

A Year of Success is an online educational system brought to you by four of the world’s leading success experts: Larry Winget, Bob Burg, . Each week the client will receive a three minute training video from one of our experts, plus a downloadable PDF that includes the lesson and two actionable steps. Along the way, recipients will receive four other high-value bonuses as well at no additional cost. AND…. all for less than $3 a week. I listen to these guys every morning before I begin my work day.

Click here to watch videos.

Trust me when I tell you that the four of them will teach you, challenge you, provoke you, and push you outside your comfort zone to the point that you win bigger, faster, smarter results.


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